About us

      VisionLinx was founded in 2016 and imported Automation System — Medical Data Automation System to the health care region. To solve the high demand of eye health care, Visionlinx provides professional and detective eye examination. Moreover, the examination procedure is improved by technology which makes it simple, fast, thoroughly and comprehensive.

      More than comprehensive eye examination, we cooperate with qualified ophthalmologists in every specific region, so that examinates could have complete treatment. Beside of examination and consulting, we also have a platform including healthy food, networking measurement devices, smart fitness equipment to meet your every need of health care.

Intelligent Healthcare

The hi-tech links the data and individuals thus tailored evaluation and treatments could be offered more quickly.

Mobile Information System

The mobility of information system creates more flexibility. Enterprise, neighborhood, rural area and transnational service could all be applied.

Automatic transmission of Medical Data

Human negligence is avoided by automatic and paperless procedure, which ensures medical quality and validity of data.