The full examination includes vision inspection, optometry, tonometry , fundus photography and slit lamp exam . During the consulting time, the eye doctor will give the prescription based on the data and diagnosis.
A reservation is required at least 2 weeks in advance for all exams. On-site registration will be open if there are vacancies.
Applicants quota for single event : 30-35(under30 or more than 35 is not accepted).
Applicants quota for full-day event : 60-70(under 60 or more than 70 is not accepted).
If there is any further requirement or long-term cooperation plan, please contact us . We will provide you a customized plan.

Single Event Appointment

 USD50 up/ person

On-site Registration Fee
USD 55  up/ person



Full Day Appointment

 USD45 up/ person

On-site Registration Fee
USD 50  up/ person



Customized Plan

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